Monday, March 31, 2008

How Long Do You Think This Etch-a-Sketch Will Last?

Before you click Play, please be fore-warned... This would be a classic case of Operator Error. A cute clip (and a great plug for *consignment shop toys*) but lots of shaking...

Update on the kegger-a-tor: it is now fully covered in magnetic baby gadgets - actually, come to think of it, our entire house is pretty much fully covered in baby gadgets. Good news, though, on the Kegger - Connor tells me he can serve Root Beer out of it. I think my life is about to float off in a mound of root beer floats...

Noah LOVES cords--chargers, anything dangerous and possessing an electrical plug. It is almost like a 'lovey' to him. Very odd, but of course, darling (I would be your typical, my kid is SO cute, even with a snotty nose and entrenched in mushed up cookie pieces, like today in the grocery store).

He loves to figure how things work - more interested in watching the mechanism of a swingset or the pulley in a drawer then in simply enjoying it (did not inherit this from me). His main words are: More, Bath (only we can decipher this one), TV (we hardly watch the thing! I swear!), kitty (another oddity, we have no cat)... Lots of investigating, immitating what we do, and loads of laughing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Cold 8K, A Warm Furnace, and a Cozy New Getaway

I ran an 8k'er in DC - in 33 degrees - two weekends ago with one of my best girlfriends, Krista. It was COLD - beyond cold! Granted, I am from North Carolina where having numb and frozen hands (to the point of no movement) is not a common occurence. The race went great, though. It was a St. Patty's Day race (Happiest of Birthdays Roger!). I kicked it in(half frozen)at around 47 minutes.

Other exciting news, Connor has installed a cozy rustic furnace in our basement! He actually completed this several weeks back, but I just realized that I forgot to blog about this - it is big stuff! He did a professional job, complete with a high-end stone floor beneath the furnace and new decor (plants, candles, pillow, etc) to tone up the entire room. He is a gifted man!

As for the cozy new getaway - Harpers Ferry, WV. Wow. History (backdrop for some of the most momentous Civil War events), character, and more. Cute little bed and breakfasts overlooking the Applachains. This town is cozied up next to the exact spot where the Potomac and Shenandoah (sp) meet up and create one wide open, quickly moving body of water heading for the ocean... with zest! It is a sight to behold, with trains coming in and out of the town by way of a beautiful old bridge crossing over the rivers. The town itself is super cozy and quaint with little coffee shops and bustling bistros, welcoming taverns and gift shops. It is about an hour and 15 minutes from us. We camped there one weekend (not strongly recommeneded - especially during a thunderstorm and with a baby) and stayed at an inviting bed and breakfast (like heaven!) last weekend.

Pictures soon!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Being Bad, Walking, and Otherwise Stealing Mom's Heart

First of all, 31 super cute pictures (last week)
from Grandma Akulis's camera! Oh, and please be forewarned that there are some baby bathtime shots! Nothing like the baby nudies- guess we all have to pay the price!

Noah is officially walking - ALL OVER. He is so darn cute, if I do say so myself. His two top teeth and two bottom teeth give him quite the 'Dennis the Mennis' and all the curlie queues on his head add to this look...
Connor and I have both been traveling for work quite a bit. Connor was in Detroit and Miami, and directly following these trips, I took off for Vegas. We then spent a family night in Easton, MD to recharge. Ahhh...

As for me, one late New Year's Resolution...I am trying to work less on Fridays and spend more QT with Noah (I am officially 'on the clock' T, W, Th, although this somehow turns into all five days...). So, I am looking for an opportunity to volunteer with my little dude. I've searched on 'volunteering with baby' or 'volunteer work with infant', etc., but am coming up with more questions than answers. Where are my creative juices? Maybe the Boys and Girls Club? If you have any ideas (good ones preferably :), plz gmail me!

Dad and Noah hanging out below and some Being Bad footage...