Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Boys

Why My Eyes are So Red (subtitle: Five Years & a Family of Four)

Connor and I celebrated 5 years on the 5th! Hard to believe - 2004 seems soooo long ago in many ways, yet the memories from that time are poignant and fresh. We now have 2 boys - we are a family! Many thoughts, hard to put into words...on so little sleep.

In the background, my house is being destructed. Quite literally. By my 2-year-old. I have rolls of toilet paper around the living room and little bits of dental floss. No idea why. Most things I touch are sticky. The bathroom floor is wet. I am not sure with what. I have a baby sleeping in increments of 5-minutes, about as long as it takes for another loud jarring noise to occur somewhere in the house. And - are you are missing something? It's in the freezer. Noah asks me, 'Mom, why are your eyes so red?'. ??????

Here are a few pictures from the end of our Lake Wallenpaupack trip, when we had 2 days of family time. Making memories, we are!

Friday, September 18, 2009

God is Good! All the Time!

Last Friday, Connor fell off our roof. He was fixing a room leak during a torrential downpour (yes, we know what you must be thinking). When he put his weight on the top rung of the ladder, coming back down, it slid out from under him (or slid out from the rubber mat he had it "securely" placed on). From the back of the house I heard the sound that only a man falling off your roof could make. When I saw him lying flat on his back, on our back deck, it was a tangle of Connor and ladder.

Thank everyone for their prayers! Connor surely has Guardian Angels. His CT Scan checked out good. Apart from being unable to move for a few days and a few knarley bruises, his body remained nicely intact.

The Ladder vs. Connor - ladder wins

But Connor gets a good dent in.

Reminds me of how God has kept his eye on our whole family since moving to Maryland - there have been multiple potential catastrophes:

Noah - Falls backward out of our SUV onto the cement. About 5 large knots, but the CT Scan checks out good. We are definitely one hard-headed group.

Jackie - 17 stitches, wrist incident (unloading dishwasher - coffee mug wins) Conveniently, I do this with a 10-month old - days before our big move.

Needless to say, we are keeping the GBMC Emergency department in business.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dr. Poopsie

Pics from this morning - Ian will be 7 weeks tomorrow!

Ian Russell at 4 weeks:
22.5 in - 75%
10.5 lbs - 75%
39 cm (head) - 97%
Not sure what Noah's measurements were at this age - but at his 2 year appointment, he hit the 10% for weight and height! Our boys might be growing at different rates or just inherited some different genes! At this age, though, their faces look remarkably similar. Time will tell - something that is flying by!!

Connor and I also had our 5-YEAR Anniversary on the 5th! Wowza! I think I'll keep him around a bit longer... :):) It honestly has been a wonderful 5 years of marriage - life has thrown a few curve balls here and there, mind you, but the being-married part has been better than a few words could sum up. More family pics from our Wallenpaupack trip to come.

Love enPaupack:: Kate and Ian

Talkin' with Tommy

Photos from our Lake Wallenpaupack (annual) trip - Kate Dubow (4 months) and Ian (4 weeks). I think he definitely had her charmed with his manly grunts and impressive gas noises!