Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Main Man

Taken about 2 hours ago - lunch time (obviously)!
Here are a few lately's of the world famous Noah Sam (I added a few more)....
(Btw, if you missed our Antigua pics, definitely scroll down - it was an amazing trip!)

* Big on smiling when he sees the camera, kisses and affection.
* Big on figuring things out - how stuff works - has a tool chest he LOVES - hammering, using his screwdriver, saw, other gadgets, putting together toy cars, submarines - all that guy stuff
* When something is out of place, new, or different, he is all over it (like mommy wearing jewelry for example)! If something spills on the carpet or there is a new plant, he notices right away and makes a big fuss.
* He LOVES blueberry pancakes.
* He has the memory of an elephant (he did not inherit this from his father). If you are missing something - even if they've been gone days or more - ask him where he put it (keys most notably), and he will pop over to towmater, under his window sill, behind a shelf and retrieve the item!
* Clearly gets his point across even though he has and uses just ~ 10 words (his dad contests this number). He uses his few words across many different scenarios and is pretty clever with making it work to convey his message. For example, beyond its traditional use, he says 'Bye Bye' (while howling in tears) when we turn onto the street of his day care (which, coincidentally, makes two of us)!
* Loves hitting MyGym! Here are lots of pics from one of our MG trips!
* Extremely patient. He will sit with one toy or activity for quite a long period of time (maybe 5 minutes?) and try and try to figure it out. If he can't he will 'ask' for your help. But, he doesn't get frustrated and upset that he can't do it himself.
* Big on taking you by the hand and showing you stuff. Always grabbing your hand and going all over the place...never sitting still.
* Never sitting still.

Noah at MyGym - where he can wear his little self out!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Laughter, The Perfect Medicine (2nd only to Hermitage Bay)

Two more photos, from my sister's camera - below :)

I have amazing gratitude for my many recent experiences. Our time in Antigua, Hermitage Bay, was rare, first of all, in that it was the most perfect utopia known to mankind (not that I know a lot about utopias, but believe me, this would fit the bill). To me, it was also rare in a very notable way, in that from moment one, I felt on vacation. There was no time spent de-stressing, unwinding, or worrying about all that was left behind. This remarkable place cast an immediate effect on a person's soul. One of solitude, peace, harmony, beauty, laughter, bliss. I am so grateful that were were able to take this trip. It was easy for me also knowing that Noah was happy as a bug in a rug (in our house, I know first hand how happy this can be) hangin' out with Grammie and Grampie. I knew that while we were on vacation, he was too!

My work tradeshow in Boston (last week) was exciting and extremely purposeful. I feel our marketing contributions really having a big impact on the bottom line of our small, yet hearty, highly devoted start-up company. It brought out the charming businesswoman within and challenged me. I love that! I also fell in love all over again with Boston and my hubby, the city we called home during our dating days.

Things are busy, as they always are. But, beyond my hour or so of panicked feelings that typically hit me as the plane hits the pavement after a trip away, I am SO happy, so fulfilled, and so grateful. I stand in awe of life. I love living. We laugh a lot over here! Connor came to bed last night after a late-night of working on the boat, covered in fiber glass from shoulders to finger tips. He could not get it off. Laughing he goes, "Ya know, I think I've done this to myself before," (gloves and a long sleeved shirt anyone)? It's not that we are short on mistakes and challenges - but that we are big on perspective, laughter, and LIVING. God is GOOD. All the time!

Antigua - Pictures Painting Words

And, because it's true - you have to see them all - although the pictures do not do the beauty justice. Thank you Carly and Matt for sharing this treasure with us.

Rainbow - I always think of God's Promise, and the story, of course, of Noah. :)

Rendezvous Bay.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Blowing Kisses Your Way

Sghetti with Nana

We are just back from paradise, errr, Hermitage Bay, Antigua. Connor and I whisked away with Carly and Matt for several days of heaven while Noah vacationed with Grandpa and Grandma Akulis ('nana' - all grandmas are currently nana):) Many pics and posts on our wonderful experience soon. To see Noah's good time, truck over to Grammie and Grandpie's blog (side link here -

In the meantime here is our happy messy man - covered in his usual - dinner.

I am off to Boston for a work trip - more when I return!