Monday, July 17, 2006

My Cat Loves Pop Rocks

It's the wierdest thing. The whole time I'm hearing her little mouth crackle and pop, I'm wondering, why is this something she's okay with.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why Airmiles Rock...Kauai!

We racked up a truckload of airmiles on our new United credit card, and took advantage of a mileage special on trips to Hawaii. We dropped everything to spend a week in Kauai! It was AWESOME!!

Kauai is so beautiful - very quiet and magestic. We went on several killer hikes around the island - one 8 miler to this amazing 500 ft waterfall. It really was spectacular!

Check out all the Kauai pics here

Hideaways Beach - we had a few sunrises all to ourselves - it felt as though we were living a scene out of the movies!

Hapakauni Falls (totally butchering the spelling - yikes! Can't find it!) - about 4 rugged miles in and 4 out - it was quite the experience!