Sunday, March 06, 2011

Who Me?

Hi, I'm Ian.  I'm 1.  I know I look young & innocent.  But, there's a lot going on to the north of the thumb.

So... my iPod Nano has been broken since I ran the Halfer in October.  Connor tried setting it back to factory settings, re-configuring the hardware, googling 'ipod nano menu button stuck'...  Nope, the keys have remained stuck, songs stay stuck on repeat, and this is if the screen even comes on.

Until... we decided to let Ian play with it today.  Those who know Ian ("e") can understand this.  The iPod now works. Perfectly.

Just now...
Noah: What is the lowest number when you think I'll be able to drive?
Me (inside my head): 42

See my bug?  (still not sure if this was a tick...but will forever be wondering as he ate it shortly after this picture was taken):

And, Don Juan (each day I hear about a new girl he has plans to marry from his Montessori class), is growing his hair out (as long as mine apparently).  Those of you offended, take comfort in that all 10 of his toenails are freshly polished blue.

In his defense, this kid may arguably have the world's thickest, longest eyelashes, crazy.  They even curl at the end.

Date night (big ups to Kari B who intro'd CinemaFX to me - this app has really neat FX):

Who me?