Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time To Fiesta!

It is time! The count down really has begun! Only seven more weeks to go till game time! I intend to live it up to the fullest these last few weeks - and despite all the commentary on 'how your life will never be the same again', I believe it will be even better and more exciting and fulfilling. It's onto the next episode...

So, we have been partying it up these first few weekends in November! November 4th, I threw Connor a full-on fabulous (if I do say so myself) surprise birthday party! I really got him good! All events did not perfectly line up, but somehow all the imperfections turned into a beautiful celebration fiesta! I did manage to get some of the party-goers lost en route to the party location. But, the party location was beautiful and worth it! We held a cookout in one of our fave local parks - great hiking trails, etc: Alum Rock Park. As it turns out, the party was very small and cozy - about 5 of us! It turned out to be a total blast. Connor brought in his 29th year with his fave brewskey (Negro Modelo), chicken wings and cheeseburgers - oh, and a fantastic carrot cake which we all dug in on with our forks - no plates!


Then, the next Nov weekend, my girlfriend Kari threw me a fabulous California baby shower with some of the local ladies! It was awesome - such great girl time. I haven't laughed so hard in a while--my stomach still hurts! I really feel the love - I am so blessed to have such wonderful girlfriends and genuine support and love. I am so grateful!


And, in the theme of lettin' the good times roll - we recently caught a killer band in San Franny - a U2 cover band, Zoo Station!