Monday, October 04, 2010

Just a Family of Four

While we were up in Manitoba (September - see post below), we took advantage of a gift card Betty had gotten for us for Christmas (oh, about three years ago) for a photography session.  Pat (the photographer) took us to a local park area where the old Beausejour Glass Factory used to be (now remains).  The area is full of character - nicely wooded and smiling with sunflowers.  The boys seemed to enjoy climbing all around and cheesing when requested.  Pat did a wonderful job and we now have lovely pictures of the four of us - just us, doing what we do.

Here are some of my favorites...



Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just Give Me the Chocolate Milk and Nobody Gets Hurt

We spent the first 1.5 weeks of September in Manitoba, Canada celebrating Kirsten's wedding and visiting family.  She was a gorgeous, glowing bride with all the flare and allure of a Southern Belle.  The small, vivid-green field and Tarheel-blue sky created the perfect backdrop for a perfect day.  Unfortunately, I have to describe this in all words to you as my camera died, right after I took this picture (we had just arrived)...
Funny how a similar thing happened at Neera's wedding - two weddings, zero pictures. Nice.  From earlier in the trip, here are a few  - Rehearsal dinner - Noah and his little buddy Allie:
Uncle Cody and boys

Connor and I also celebrated our 6 year anniversary while up there.  We spent the night at the Fort Garry, an old historic site built in 1913 as a Pacific Railway hotel.  It really embodied the feel of Winnipeg - a prairie city full of "Old World elegance."  Does the smile say it all?
And a few artsy ones we burned battery life on...

The flights home were much less eventful than the flights there, but did officially confirm that we might have what some experts might describe as a 'strong-willed' child.  While I recognize that these are qualities of a leader, right now.... these are qualities of a very busy day.  We had a chocolate milk incident on the first flight.  May I just say, what was I thinking bringing two full pints of milk, pre-opened (one plain, one chocolate, to mix on-flight, really), aboard a small propeller air craft anyway?  By the end of the flight I think everybody knew us by name (or by whatever word they chose to call us).

When we got home, around 2:00 am, the boys fell soundly asleep into their beds and actually slept in!  Just enough rest to geared up and back at it...

(Artwork by Noah Bates)
This month, October, we have some pretty darn cool stuff on our roster.  Namely, a half Marathon (Baltimore, October 16th, WOOT!) and a trip to, ahem, Barcelona baby!  As one of our friends so eloquently put it - we seem to be living La Vida Loca!