Sunday, August 26, 2007

Folks, We're Crawlin'!

Noah Sam is up, up, up and away! When I returned from my tradeshow, I was floored to find that he was on all fours ... and hightailin' it across the carpet!

A huge thanks to Aunite Carly for flying out to care for our little guy this past week! After a sick nanny called in on Monday (and two backup sitters sick or unavailable as well), we had a mini crisis on our hands - no childcare for Daddy. Carly really came to our rescue!

Our Canada family visit was very meaningful - having our brothers, grandmas and grandpa, aunites and many other loved ones get to meet Noah - it was a memorable time. My San Jose tradeshow also turned out to be a success - a very productive time as well as an enjoyable one. However, I am SO glad to be home and back with Noah. I get separation anxiety now ...except not his, mine!!

Just back from a $450 target run and a grocery trip is still needed (second one this weekend) - it's been a loooooong time! Our cart was loaded with a highchair, big tent for next week's camping expedition, more babyfood than I care to mention, a fresh supply of binkies, and more!

Below: Crawling video from Friday, August 24th (hint: hit your mute button! My voice: think Denise Austin, Power Yoga!), and a pic from our SES tradeshow!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bugs and Bears

Snuggle Bug, Noah Bear...

Yes, I find myself adding these words to the end of nearly every name I select for my this a form of brain damage? Or, maybe just is all part of that mental shift that happened on January 1, 2007! Here is a pic taken two days ago. The little guy is growing so fast - lots of laughs, blowing bubbles (well, technically I guess that is called spitting), and EATING, his fave (comes by that honestly!).

A quote for today (hopefully it lingers longer than a day!)

"Be kinder than necessary,
for everyone you meet
is fighting some kind of battle."

Saturday, August 04, 2007

We Now Announce, Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Raynor

Carly and Matt's Wedding was amazing! All Wedding pics from my camera are here. Pictures from Becca's camera are here. Ultra classy, incredibly memorable. It was the Event of the year! Oh, and yes, his name is uniquely spelled with one 't', which is quite fitting for the very talented, one-of-a-kind man that my sister married. I love them both, and am SO very happy for their future together.

The following weekend (July 27-29) was our family reunion - we hung out with Uncle Dick and Uncle Perry, and laughed it up with Uncle Darryl and cousin Brent...and many many others! It was a great time seeing a family I am so blessed to have. No pictures on that event, but did want to mention what a wonderful time it was! A big thanks is due for cousin Valerie and Rich who hosted a fabulous event at their historical villa - you could spend your entire life fully sprawled out right in a deep rocker on their spacious front veranda! It was awesome!

We are off to Canada tomorrow (I am late to update this post...ho, hum sounds abt right these days!), August 11th and then I fly from Winnipeg to San Jose for my next tradeshow, the Search Engine Strategies conference where I and one of my counterparts will exhibit at this very energetic event! Here we go, hang on tight!