Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fantastic Fam Time

Betty and Mike traveled the long distance out to see us this month. They arrived Thursday, March 9 and stayed with us through March 15. We had a wonderful and relaxing time all together. While in town, we made waffles for dinner, searched for *4-leaf* clovers, took a roadtrip along Highway 1 to Big Sur, visited a few cozy local vineyards (darn the bronchitis! To forgo Savanah Chanel vino - a challenge indeed!), watched several strange movies, lounged about, and otherwise thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Although most days were a little chilly (errr, brisk!), they still raved graciously about the weather. Apparantly, it is still a cut about Manitoba weather this time of the year! :) Already miss them!

Clovers - Big Sur

Guess this also calls for a happy (late) St. Patty's Day!

Uggghh Bronchitis!

Here is how I ended up in an NYC ER earlier this month...
We had our SES tradeshow in NYC February 26 - March 3. From there I traveled to D.C. through March 6. On 3rd, I came down with something awful. The full sick deal - chills, the sweats, fever, shakes. I had the funk! By the next morning, I had no option. I dragged my sad self to an NYC Med Unit's ER a few blocks from my hotel. Thankfully, Connor was with me! The fever was hovering between 102-103 and I felt like death! It was horrible. We spent most of the day hanging out with other ER peeps - a lesson in humility. Unfortunately, the treatment I received in the ER was intended to be a quick fix. The dr. gave me steroid injection and more sterioids in Rx. When I finally got home and to a CA doc, I learned that I had acute bronchitis and a sinus infection. The steroids also, I learned, worked to prolong my illness. Although, they did make me feel so goooood for about 1.5 days! Ughh!! Thankfully, my work has been very very supportive and understanding. I have slept so much-just wiped out!

Happy to announce, I am now a new woman! Much recovered!

My Beautiful Get-well Tulips
These were just the thing!