Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sister Sessions

My sister just left from a weeklong visit. This was her first time in California - and the first time I had seen her in over six months. We had a wonderful reunion! And, I miss her so much already. Given that we are extremely close, and have lived right up the road from one another most of our lives, the distance between is tough to take. We nevertheless talk frequently and remain as close as ever. She is my life line!

During our time together in Cali, we explored most local parts of the state - within a 4 hour radius - with Carly and her boyfriend Matt. Day One found us exploring high points on the Sierra Azul mountain range - we took in beautiful overlooks of the Bay Area. We toured downtown Santana Row that night. Sunday found us in Napa Valley, and by Sunday evening, we were back down to the city - touring around classic San Fran. It was wonderful! Carly and Matt took an overnight trip to Lake Tahoe during the week. By week's end, we headed down to Big Sur, Connor & my fave local spot. The views and wildlife are surreal. It is quiet and magestic - just spectacular! We explored the Redwoods, drove down to our secret beach and dined at some of our fave local hang outs with tremendous views! It was a total blast!

I miss her already, but I am looking forward to our next may be Thanksgiving...but that will be here soon. I am so thankful to have such a dear friend in my sister.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Toast on a Mountain

Job Promotion! May 1st, 2006 I was offered the position of Director of Marketing at my company - a very important step up in terms of responsibility and experience I will gain. I am siked! I can't wait to take on the challenge. I am ready to bravely tread the waters! Ha! I have much to learn and much lies ahead. I am more than excited for this next chapter of growth!

Here I am - on top of a mountain! The Veuve in hand!