Sunday, April 15, 2007

First Things 1st: Easter, Meeting Family...

Learning to roll over - pretty jazzed about this simple new skill! Oh, the things that now reach 'big time' on the excitement scale!

Many firsts this month:

* First time meeting Grandpa Bates, Grandma Leanne, Uncle Cody and Uncle Cole - it was love!
* First time in Annapolis, meeting friends, hanging with the boys! -->See last pics in this thread...yeah, I know I have WAY TOO MANY pics on this thread.<-- A whole lotta beer-drinkin' for dad...a whole lot of coffee, straight-up for mom. Good times (for the most part!)
* First time I think Mr. Noah has slept SO LITTLE in a 24-hour period - a different kind of all-nighter folks...where's the coffee?
* First time Noah has rolled over! Although Dad swears that his son rolled over at 2 weeks of age....hmmmm, pediatrician was a little skeptical (so was mom)
* Our very FIRST Easter!
More Easter Photos

As for Mom...
You know, this whole thing used to be all about me. Now, it's just not anymore. How very true, actually, for most of my life. The leap from personhood to motherhood - it is a forever change. I like this Chinese Proverb:

"A Wise Man adapts himself to circumstance as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it."

Back to work has had its definite highs (adult time, typing with both of my hands) and lows (I don't know if I've ever been so tired in my life). It's only been the first two weeks, though, so it is certainly too early to launch a major life evaluation. Step by step...