Monday, June 29, 2009

Whoa Mama!

Here we are at 34 weeks - already 2 weeks ago! This weekend marks week 36 for us....not long now! No definite name selections and we are very open to ideas!

The pics above are from our date night. We have scheduled with our wonderful sitter Molly for several precious nights out before the baby is born - this particular night we went to a candlelit, open-air restaurant in downtown B-More.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boston *Bliss* (HBS Reunion #5)

All the pics! **more updates to this post to come**

Our excursion began with a 9 hour road trip up to Cape Cod. Thankfully, this smile remained intact for much of the ride! It went very well - both legs.

Each year with get together with our buddies from Connor's grad school experience. The group is an eclectic mix of people. Wonderful, wonderful people (& allll the little ones that have popped up over the years). It is important to connect like this at least once a year as life stays so busy for us all!

This year, we rented a large villa-style home with umpteen rooms (I never even made it through the entire place). It was situated right on the water's edge, in the heart of the Cape. About 8 families joined.

Day trip to Provincetown, RI.

Ice cream pit stop in Provincetown. Jimmies (sprinkles) all around!

Blue toenails! Lena let Noah in on the toenail party in her room!

Adventure Wifi (Connor and Pete's old grad school business) hosted a tie dye party - not the fake stuff either. The real-deal, special ordered chemical kind! It was awesome!

Walk on the ocean. On our drive up to Cambridge, we took a small detour to experince the Cape's marine life... before moving on to our next adventure - part Dos of the trip: The official 5-Year HBS reunion! We rented another house in Cambridge with two other families for this portion of the trip.

HBS Events for kids - spin art

Charles River, Cambridge

Leana & Noah at the Section D Samuel Adams Event!

Time to get swanky for the Harvard 5-Year Reunion Gala! This event was super fancy - 40th floor (or maybe 30-something) overlooking the harbour. It was spectacular! Before pic (hard to believe he can lift my large load)...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Popsicle Bates

Pasta Bates, Soup names are the latest in naming trends, didn't you know? ...among two-year olds. Or, maybe he's just been hungry.

The top two ultrasound pics are from 18 weeks. The bottom two are from 17 weeks. We are about 32 weeks now! He is much plumper with eyes opening and closing and a brain that is rapidly developing. He is head down and the doc expects him to remain that way until birth.

Apparently Baby no longer has to sleep by the front door. Noah now says that Baby can sleep in his room - in the window. We are making progress.

My View

Looking down. Trying to capture the 'cone' shape that is now my belly.

I am pretty huge. I easily loose balance and topple forward when picking something up. This pick was almost two weeks ago now! I have 7 more weeks to go!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Have You Ever Felt Like This?

We have been on the go! Anyone looking jet-lagged? Here Noah is not wanting to wake up from a nap (we are in Cambridge here). I will have many many more pictures and stories to share soon from our recent travels!