Saturday, September 20, 2008

Celebrating September 5th (for the 4th time)

Four-years. I can feel the old adage beginning to take hold: May I grow old with you? It is rushing by so quickly...

One-Year Anny (bliss)

Two-Year Anny (bliss)

Four-Year Anny

Four-Year Anny
And, here we find ourselves at Four Years (yes, still bliss! you were worried, eh?). A tradition for me, is that I wear my wedding gown on our Anniversary - still feels like silk perfection (as well it should!) and brings back all those important memories. Hopefully, I can continue this tradition as the years go by, if ya know what I'm sayin'...

As Anniversaries Go...
YEAR 1: Thick Clouds of Bliss
YEAR 2: Clouds have cleared slightly - at least enough to see through to record the event (pics above)
YEAR 3: Clouds abruptly displaced by breastpumps (Medela-branded stuff in general), sleepless nights, and a few emotional rainshowers
YEAR 4: We are finding our feet again.

I must say, We Belong Together.

Relationship taking off in 2002... BOS --> RDU = Frequent Flyer Miles

My Baby

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Sweet Boy

Think of things you would not want your darling toddler to be doing. Do things like: spitting, pinching, pushing, biting, or hitting come to mind? You think of it, he's been doing it. Yesterday, we were not at a playgroup for more than 15 minutes when Noah had pushed down (my new friend's) little boy and chucked a large plastic toy at his head. Ikes!
I, of course, console the victim endlessly, apologize profusely to the mother (it has been really hard to make new friends, I tell ya), and now, with armpit-sweat and the now familiar feeling of mortification, I scoop up my angel and take him out into the hallway for a "talk".
Now, comes the good part...

Whereas time-outs haven't really been working or much else - a good old-fashioned talk and explanation with Noah does the trick. He earnestly listens to me - with an eye-locked, intent look for our entire one minute discussion of "this hurts other kids when you do xyz. You don't want them to cry and get hurt do you? etc.etc." This is the cool part. Noah totally listens. He just melts. He returns to the room, and the 20-month old is *solemn*. He even went over to a little girl he had been preparing to bite (I am fast!) and gave her a hug!

And, my favorite story... Yesterday he whacked me a good one right in the head - and started laughing. Usually, I'll at least give him that his transgressions are somewhat provoked (kid took his toy) or can be reasoned out (he wants the kid's toy). With me, though, this time, he just wanted to see my reaction. He was bemused with himself. So, I covered my face and began to cry (hardly any pretending was needed at that point)! I just sobbed for a few while he watched me, at first laughing, but then starting to realize that Mom really was sad. Then, he got sad. He leaned over with a giant hug, and this little 20-month-old holds me. He is *consoling* me. It was the sweetest thing. Then, the best part, he pops out his binky, and puts it in my mouth! Oh, a mamma moment I will not forget! :)

I am really into Dada these days.So Big!

Other Noah-Lately's
* Don't worry - the hitting, etc. is really not that bad or frequent. It just happens at the worst possible times - like public playgroup settings (you know, like where I am trying to make new friends).
* He is way into hiding. He loves to hide around the corner and jump out and BOO! you.
* He has a huge sense of humor.
* He is ALL boy. Tools are his FAVE. He can now screw on and off lids of bottles and tool parts. Male brain is ticking. Very busy - does not stop.
* He is very expressive. If you ask him something he does not know, he cocks his head to one side, turns his hands palms-up and shrugs his shoulders. He is all about 'peas' (please)- with his neck jutting out and face forward. It is an adament 'peas' (sometimes it's only peea!')
* Has lots of words! I am happy to say! I could have kissed the doctor on the lips when he informed that yes, half-words do count (or heck, even consonants when describing something)! He is all about 'monk' for monkey or 'bink' for binky' or 'b' for boat or bath...etc., etc.
* Gets compliments on his eyes and eyelashes all the time. I have to point this out as the rest of him is usually in a bit of a raggamuffin state - his clothes always have either stickers, stains, or mealtime on them and his face never seems to be completely wiped off. His hair is super long and quite curly (no haircuts yet). And, we love it.

Recent Clip:

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Noah's Ark

A long Labor Day weekend of boys, boats, and beer. We left for Lake Wallenpaupack on Saturday, August 30 - and had a wonderful time with our friends, Brent, Joe, Amy and Tommy! Lots of boating (dueling Pachangas - Connor's 19 footer and Brent's 22 footer), beer drinking (ying-lings and IPA's), and little boys (Tommy - 15 months, Noah 20 months) running are some fun pics!

A Happy Captain!

I wonder what will happen if I flip all these switches to On?

Not much difference between these guys and the grown-up skippers...

The Dubow Crew!

Similar Expressions - Like Father Like Son

It's so hard to not be bad!!

Amy's gorgeous new camera - she is a photographer mama!

With Love from Canada

Roger, Leanne, Cody and Cole came to visit us for the last week in August. They drove down and back, to and from Beausejour, Manitoba - a three day car trip! We had a very memorable time all together. Lots of exploring, building things, boat repairs and bonding - and lots of laughing! Here are a few pics from our times together...