Monday, October 26, 2009

Yo Bro! North Carolina Cousins

The boys and I headed to NC for almost two weeks in early October. Connor joined us for the weekends. Having all the family support was HUGE! So nice - like vacation for me:) They have so much love for our boys and my appreciation for (and happiness I get from) that is immense. I love our families so much. All the pics.

The Raynor Family

Sock it to me!

Grampie and his boys!

Chapel Hill - you should SEE Carly and Matt's beautiful new home. Wowza. Amazing!

Baby Grey

Baby Ian

Noah's nap fort he built out of pillows.

Pumpkin Farm

"Is the Bates Family ready?!" This is the question Connor rings out most Saturday mornings - errr, afternoons - it is usually around 1:00pm before we can finally get out the door. Here we are at a local Pumpkin Farm - on a beautiful day, end of September. When you ask Noah "where do pumpkins come from?" he will let you know that they come from a Pumpkin Farm, of course!

More Pumpkin Farm pics