Thursday, February 16, 2006

Great Friends & Tahoe Times

Kari & Bob, Ellen & Steve, Amy & Damon, and us - it was a total blast! Boarding, skiing, snow-mobiling, cozy lodge times - and so much fun at the Heavenly Resort. Despite a crippled foot (ouch!) I could not say enough about our fantastic weekend together. Happy VDay! :) All our Tahoe Pics!


Connor and Bob

The Ladies!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Coldplay and other coming events

The Coldplay concert was phenomenal - they are such a tremendous band. On stage they have this life, this energy that carries the audience. Great times for sure! Other upcoming events...

San Diego - President's Day weekend
NYC - Feb. 26 - March 6
Betty & Mike Visit! - March 9 - 15

What's New

Yes, we did it - our first new car. A Toyota Scion, TC. It is pretty cool! Check it out at iPod connection so all our tunes are instantly transferrable to the car's music system - which sounds like you're live at the concert! Neat interior lighting, dual sunroofs, very sporty it! My 95 Acura Integra finally kicked it at 150,000 miles. It is good to upgrade! :)