Monday, October 30, 2006

Did I Mention I Was Growing an Alien?

Our little boy is one creative and VERY active little dude! Check out these shapes he likes to twist into. I try to move him into a different position when he gets all crazy looking like this! 'Come on little guy, this is not a good look for moms!'

Guess I should have made a very big formal announcement...we have known for awhile now - that we are having a little dude! We have been so excited and just amazed to get to know our tiny son! It is amazing how much you can love someone you have never even met.

Beer Belly Surprise

Yes, I think I had everyone's jaw on the floor when I showed up at our good friend's fantastic Halloween costume party! No she deeedn't! But oh yes I did! I turned my gigantous belly into a large beer belly - I was a world-class redneck for Halloween. My lovely wife Connor joined me, in house robe and curlers! We wanted to do something besides what nearly all other preggy bellies do - be a pumpkin for Halloween - so this was definitely different! My water-filled red label Bud was just the finishing perfect touch!

Smokey our Pumpkin!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Pregnant or Not, Here We Come! Baltimore!

Yes, we are moving back to the East Coast ... to the quaint harbour town of Baltimore (I'm really trying to romanticize this place for myself right now, b/c I'm not a huge fan at the moment).
Third trimester, nothing doing! We're on our way out!

So, there's more...
The decision to go with the Baltimore job offer was literally gut-wrenching. I say gut-wrenching because it literally felt like it was wrenching my guts after all the lack of sleep and general stress-mental-mode mumbo we had kept ourselves in just contemplating the decision on whether or not take the leap. Connor had two fabulous job opportunities - one in CA and one in Baltimore...ultimately, career wise we chose the East Coast move - this also places us much closer to my family which means SO much, especially as we anticipate our son's arrival. It just means so much to share this with family.

Now...indecision continues to reign! When to move! Before or after Little Man Bates?! We love California and would like to make the move an enjoyable adventure (not rushed) and have our son born out here, but then - is doing a cross country move with a little baby really realistic? Some parts of the move are lining up nicely...but finding a place to live...are not (details!). And, moving in the 3rd timister, at 9 months is a little daunting. What the hey, we can do it if need be! So, stay tooned...

Yes, the belly is getting very large! While back on our East Coast trip recently (early October - Baltimore then down to Raliegh, NC - then over to Gastonia, NC - stop in Asheville for prego pics - then back to Gastonia!) my family threw me a fantastic baby shower! It was such great girl time - lots of great food (and the best spice cake ever) and tons of gifts - much too much. It was super special, and I realize how deeply blessed I am.

As we count down to the arrival of the little guy, and make these important decisions - please do keep us in your prayers! We need them more than ever (or as my husband would probably tell you, I am always in thislevel of need, so just keep them coming, will ya!)

Recent belly pic - proof of the alien.
23 Weeks:

29 Weeks - at Baby Shower in NC last week with my sister, Carly: