Sunday, February 19, 2012

Californ-IAN, Noah, Connor + Jackie

We are moving back to the west coast!  This is for an awesome job opportunity for Connor.  The next few weeks will be pure torture excitement as we move ourselves 2200 miles across the country.  Come visit us!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Old School


My 1st Bday

My beautiful mama

We finally got the scanner working and copied in several old, back-in-the-day family pictures and a few more recent ones that I only had in hard copies.  I'd like to add to this folder with more that I have in an envelope on my desk, including some of Connor's baby/boy pictures.

On a side note, I am looking for a new home for my pictures.  With Kodak filing for bankruptcy, I'd like to start using some  program other than Kodak Gallery.  I am tinkering with Flickr - lots I like about it, but lots I don't - like their free account only allows the first 200 photos to be publicly viewable, and they use a third party service to do all their photo services (cards, etc.).  I may end up just using Picasa.

At any rate, go to my Flickr Sets and click on 'Scans' to see all the pictures.  I'll be adding more!

In early January, Connor and I did Vegas!  I was there for a tradeshow, and Connor was able to join us for the first leg of the trip.  We put the man to work!!  He was a great asset to our pre-show preparation (stapling, stuffing, carrying, organizing...poor Connor)  And, we had a total blast!  There are pictures in the Flickr Sets of these festivities as well.

Is Christmas Really Over?

What month is it?  Well, we've had a wonderful last few months, spending the holidays in Canada with our family...

Celebrating Noah's 5th birthday...

and enjoying Valentine's Day 2012.

Noah is thriving in his Montessori class.  While he has had more than a few social graces to learn, and friend-making skills, he has starting to really come into his own.  He is proving to be a very bright kid in the classroom and has a genuine love of learning, especially with numbers.

Ian LOVES Cookie and all his friends at Cookie's House.  He honestly is the funniest kid.  He really enjoys himself.