Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Boys in Big Sur

I know you can't tell this from the pics above, but it was extremely COLD and windy (which is usual there).  Let me assure you that the water was freezing!  Most people were in coats and jackets.

And a few from our wonderful visit from Uncle Cole, Uncle Cole's Pa and Uncle Cole's Nana :)  They drove down from Manitoba back in May.
It's been exhausting!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cousins (Hugs/Thugs for Life)

From our time in Chapel Hill, meeting Cam.
Grey and Ian (3 weeks apart)

Connor and Ian

One more of Cam

I have one of those picture frames that has words on it: 'Hugs for Life' - it is a 'Mother' picture frame. For whatever reason, my mind sees the 'H' as a 'Th' and the words become 'Thugs for Life'.  Inside my head, I just laugh (the picture is of baby Noah and me). It's a great picture and all, but I love keeping the frame front and center b/c it gives me a smile in all the chaos.

I digress. But, let me try to make a full circle - Grey & Ian - little do they know now, but what they have is a friend for days to come.  To call, have breakfast or beer with, talk or cry with, and otherwise have for all of life - person always on their team.  A thug for life! ;)

Lots more NC pics.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Welcome Cameron Raynor

Dimples, deep green-blue eyes.  Y'all, seriously.  Lock your girls up! :)  I am so honored and thrilled I was able to meet my new nephew this week: Cameron Thomas Raynor, born June 29, 2010 (in about 10 minutes!).

In Flight

When Noah was four weeks old, he boarded his first flight from SFO to BWI.   At 3.5 he should have his own frequent flyer number!  Both our boys, en utero and out, have enjoyed (or suffered through) countless flights over most of North America.  We've traveled on planned trips--on the Bart, Amtrak, red-eyes and in rentals.  We've also traveled on unplanned trips in caravans with strangers and rented carseats. We've slept in tents, on friends' futons, in fancy hotels and in dirt-floored cabins.  It's busy, and yes, often several unpacked suitcases remain as month-long fixtures on our bedroom floor.  We love the adventure, though.  The experiences of seeing new places (or re-experiencing old ones) and being with family and friends just inspires us.  We also have two fearless boys now - it fits our family dynamic well.

We just returned from N. California and North Carolina.  The N.C. trip was one for the record books.  We met our new cousin/newphew: Cameron (Cam) Thomas Raynor.  I am madly in love!

While we remain in flight, it grounds us to be with our families.  Carly has always been both my sister and best friend.  I admire her so much.  Being with her family during this special time was something I will always remember!  I have eons of pictures to go through, most notably ones of my handsome new nephew, Cam!

Until then, some recentlys:

Little Beauty, Ayla and her beautiful Mum, Kari (so good to meet you baby girl!)
At the campground, by Big Sur River and hiking in the Redwoods, screaming at the Pacific...
Meeting new friends - hi Chloe!