Thursday, April 29, 2010

Up, Up, and Away!

Baby boy started crawling earlier this month. At first, the motivational factor was simply figuring out how to get what he wanted. So, 4-5 scoots, get there, then drop and play with toy. Now, he realizes the value of crawling in its own right - as a mode of transportation - and this is truly new found freedom! He is all over. He has really started pulling himself up to a standing position and is just starting to 'cruise' around - scooting along the couch. He is trouble! Loves outlets, vents, door stoppers, tall fragile floor lamps and whatever Noah has. Now, when we go in to get him from the crib, he is standing up, smiling to greet us!

This morning, he is onto stairs - he can get up one step so far - so I decided to change my post title! Poooor Noah. Most of his projects span high/low ranges (up and down stairs, ceilings are sometimes involved, you get the picture). He is having a hard time staying out of harm's way (Ian's path). And, whatever Noah has and is doing - is what Ian is after!

Another note - he LOVES Noah. Often, but not always, the feeling is mutual. Noah loves to entertain him - dancing around for him and clapping, etc. Ian will get laughing so hard, he can't catch his breath. We have lots of videos - I just have to go through them all (when I say lots, I mean LOTS - we're gonna have to learn the art of real-time editing)

I love remembering what mr. Noah was like at this stage.
And, that he had been crawling for nearly two months now! Noah has always been my busy boy - on the go!

In the spirit of catching up, here is Ian at 7 months...

I'd love to have some motoring-around and brother videos up soon...

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