Monday, May 13, 2013

World Travelers

This crazy duo will be traveling to Asia (Singapore, Koh Samui, Thailand) next week!  This is not a joke!  For all of life's beautiful experiences...Grateful, grateful, grateful.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Be Okay

Lessons from my mat...

Impatience: One way this comes about is when we experience discomfort or something we don't like and it stays with us longer than we'd like.

Everything is temporary.  It's not going to be with you forever.  Can you stay with it a little longer?

We are after future versus now--where are we going and where have we been?  Find comfort in the in-between, the now.  Surrender.  Lose control.  There is very little you can control.  Be okay.

On the mat, this can be easier with fatigue--when all the fight in you is gone, you can let go more easily.  Give in.  Release tension, control, worries.  They will come back, but once you've shown them the door, they'll know where it is next time.

What are you holding onto?  What do you keep holding onto?  Let go.  You don't have to be perfect.

You are standing on a rock.

Your feet are firmly planted.  You are moving to the next rock, though, and you must take the leap to get there.

You can...

Nervously move, cautious, anxious, wondering what you look like as you go.  Do you look funny?  Will you make it?

Or you can...

Tip your face to the sky, chest to the sun, open your heart and take the leap.

Who are you today?