Tuesday, September 26, 2006

26: One Week of Baby for Every Year of Me!

This week, he and I find our lives overlapping!

26 years, 26 weeks - I am overwhelmed when I stop, quiet myself, and fully absorb (or try to) my life over the past several months. Just thinking about what is going on about two feet below my nose is still really hard to believe. It is no less than a miracle. A true gift - I am filled with gratitude. I still just can't believe it's all happening, though. I really can't. WILD!

Really bizarre are the twists, tackles, lunges, and flips - all confirming that something is alive inside my stomach. Wierd takes on new meaning!!

What's Going On This Week

Kari and Bob's Fantastic Wedding

September 3, 2006 - Their Big Day! Yes, I'm a bit behind in blogging, but this is one of those too-spectacular-to-miss events I just have to document! The Big Day was held down at Lover's Point in Monterey. The festivities kicked off on Thursday night, August 30th - Kari had the most fabulous Bacholorette Party down in Carmel - 17 Mile Drive Area! Lady time! The rehearsal dinner was a wine-tasting event with a special 'Toast or Roast' Extraordinaire! While I was beyond sad to be missing out on this most fabulous event of tasting fine Monterey wines, I still sipped my safe PLC's (Pregnant Lady Cocktails - aka, water) and thoroughly enjoyed myself! The wedding day was just gorgeous - it was such a good time with close friends and memorable activities. I really had a wonderful time and am so excited for the new MC (Married Couple)!

Here are the MANY pics of the Big Day!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Redwoods, Wild Elk and CA Campin'

It had been awhile (and many pounds) since my last camping trip - it was due time for me to saddle into the sleeping bag and prepare for campfire cooking. The only real issue I faced - well, the only two issues I faced were 1) frequent bathroom needs 2) extra weight causing discomfort during sleep - mother earth does not provide quite the same support as my padded bed!

We had a total blast though! Our good friends, Pete and Heather, and their 7-month old little lady, Lena, took a road trip down Hwy 1 from the Seattle, WA area (Mukilteo) to the top of California and into Redwood land - at Orick, CA. Connor and I drove up from San Jose and met them at the Redwoods National Park. It was absolutley gorgeous! The park was positioned right on the coast of the pacific and right in the heart of redwood territory. We saw herds of wild elk (in their mating season, I might add), wild quail, and of course the mammoth Redwood beauties. It was definitely a trip to remember!

Pete, Heather and Lena camped in the lap of luxury! Their VW Bus! It is awesome - very cozy and perfect for roadtrips. We took hikes during the day, roasted mellows and chatted about well, babies mostly - but since it is a very relevant topic for both of us, it was a fantastic time ...and a great learning experience for me, I might add.

Their little girl has the most addictive personality - her whole face lights right up when she sees you - she is just full of joy. We missed her when we left! The whole trip was just a blast, and we hope to be able to make it up the coast to see those guys again soon...maybe with our little dood.

I highly recommend a roadtrip along Hwy 1 at least once in a person's lifetime - it is a westcoast experience you will not forget!

See All Our Pics!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Lesson in Parenthood!

Calm and Collected - Pete makes it look SO easy!

I'm doing something wrong here...

Okay, he's worse at it than me. We may be in trouble...


Heather and Lena - Beautiful ladies!

A stroll along the Pacific...Gaining mental preparation :)

Two Years - Wow!

Where does the time go? Such a cliche...but man is it ever true! It seems, especially, as though this past year has just FLOWN by. It feels like we just started 2006...and now we are in September...

Somehow it has been two years since Connor and I tied the knot. September 5th, 2004 - our big day. Our time together has been indescribable. I am beyond grateful for Connor. Our friendship, relationship, surpasses any mental concept I had ever had of what the guy-girl, marriage thing could be. It is good!

To celebrate, we took a roadtrip up to Inverness where we stayed for our one-year anniversary - we stayed at this awesome hunting lodge joint, Manka's Lodge. We piggybacked this trip onto a camping trip to the Redwoods National Park where we camped right by the ocean with our good friends Pete, Heather, and now Lena too! It was awesome! We saw herds of wild elk, quail...I'll write more on our adventures in Orick, CA soon.

Our two-year was great - definitely a time I will remember. Right now, that's what it's all about - creating memories. Living each moment ALL the way.