Monday, March 30, 2009

There is a Little Boy in There

Yes, it is blue again! I have to tell you that at first, I had secretly been pining for pink. To be truthful, I would love to have a little girl one day. After much introspection and prayer, though, I have totally wrapped my mind around this baby boy, and it is now my heart's desire for Noah to have a brother. There are so many reasons why and things I look forward to. Funny how your perception changes. I could not be more excited!

In other news, the Half-way Party was a huge success! Noah definitely gets that mommy has a baby in her belly, although I am not sure he is extremely open to the idea. Little expressions of rebellion, like saying he is going to have a sister instead of brother (he definitely knows), oh and smacking our we-are-going-to-have-a-baby book and shouting 'Bad Baby!' - might be a few examples. I'm sure he will come around.

My belly already looks TWICE the size of these photos, so before the baby is here live in action, I better get up a few of these belly shots...
18 weeks

21 weeks

21 weeks

More outdated photos that are currently sitting on my camera to come!

On a side note, we have still been sick, sick, sick. The vomit bug took over my body last week and wrecked major havoc! I am still recovering. Noah keeps getting rocked by GI disruptions - PLEASE lift us up in your prayers tonight!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Half Time! And, an Ironic Prediction

My weekly pregnancy newsletter came in over the weekend and had awesome news for me:

You are Currently in Week 21
(20 weeks and 2 days)

Relax! This week will probably be one of the most enjoyable weeks of your pregnancy.

Ha ha ha! Oh man, that was funny. I am happy to say we are finally on the mends from the super stomach bug. Hopefully this weekend we can throw our Half-Time Party!

I am re-posting Noah's "42 Seconds of Two" Vid Clip above...This version is in color, and with a different editing mix. It makes me smile! (Esp. Connor's cameo at the end:))

That Was Somebody Else's Baby that Kept Us Up ALL NIGHT?

Hack, hack, hack, cough, cackle. Repeat! Definitely croupy. Starting just as we were falling asleep, and lasting, alllll night looooong on the monitor.

My worried mind. Not only is he throwing up with diarrhea all day and night - now he has croup? The loud coughs never turned into wheezing (or crying), so we knew from experience that there is nothing we could do for the barky cough... I just tossed and turned, worried ALL NIGHT.

Then, around 6:00 am, we heard the coughs turn into calls for mommy. Next, we heard...a man's Noah's room! I have never seen my husband move SO FAST!

How did he get inside?

Just as Connor got to the outside of Noah's door - he realized, Noah's room was silent. Then, he started laughing...walked over to our baby monitor. It was picking up somebody else's baby!!!!! Noah had been sleeping peacefully all night (not that we would have heard him crying over the coughs).

We laughed so hard we woke Noah up I think - he then came in bed with us. I was just SO relieved that he only had the stomach bug! Poor little Noah snuggled up with me, wrapping his small arms around my neck. It was one of those moments that you wish you could have forever. Seconds later, though...


Last night and this morning he has been still throwing up lots.

This weekend, we were planning to throw ourselves a HALFTIME PARTY. We are now at 20 weeks and halfway through the pregnancy! That will need to wait...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

42 Seconds of Noah's Second Year

In case the video doesn't play, here it is on YouTube:

We made this video mix with video editing software on our new Flip! Easy and fun!

Scroll down - Two other recent videos:
Strawberry Jam
ABCs, Action in Da Car

Back to Noah-land over here "I need my mommy!" "Mommy come with me," "Mommy hug me, Noah sick..." And so on. We are still being rocked by the GI bug over here.

Strawberry Jam!

Watch this and feel better about your child's nutrition!

Saturday morning breakfast at our local Towson Diner - Mickey Mouse pancakes, chocolate milk, and the highlight - strawberry jelly packets! Nutrition at its maximum...

Here it is on YouTube:

Snapped images from Flip videos...

ABC, Action in Da Car!

In case it doesn't play, here it is on YouTube:

Noah is all about his ABC's right now. He has Q-Z nailed down, but A-P still needs a bit of work...he also has the grand finale song down, "Now I know my ABC's, next time ..."

This video was taken with our new Flip camera we got for Christmas from Nana and Mike. The pictures below were snapped images from the video. The Flip is awesome!


Special Requests?

A new special request came in this morning. Noah has been VERY sick. Throwing up, ETC... He wants lots and lots of hugs: "Hug me, Noah sick."

Making The Call....
During one of three early morning diaper changes, the request came in a new form. His poor bum has been, well, over-extended to say the least, and is pretty sore.

The request came in this morning to "Kiss bum, Mom."

Hmmm, even Mom has to draw the line somewhere....

Final Requests?
And, the other night, while Connor was laying Noah down for bed, we had a final request.
Noah: "Wake up, watch TV! Wake up, watch TV...Don't FORGET Dad!" (with pointer finger extended)

He's already learned about his father's memory.