Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas in Canada

Pictures will paint the best description of our cold, cozy Canadian Christmas. This year, we spent two full weeks in Manitoba, Canada with our family. It was freezing cold outside, but the warm & cozy family time, toffee tarts, and togetherness made for a very memorable and wonderful holiday. Here are all the pictures! Thanks to all our family up there for taking such good care of us!

Note the icicles on the eyelashes...
Ax? Noah out with Dada & Grandpa for an "outside adventure" you can see, safety always comes first.Ring around the Rosey good times!

Oh, and i did turn 29 somewhere in there! Must make the most of my 20's...they are almost over! Ikes!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh Baby!

Folks, we're having a baby!

I guess Connor and I have been granted enough sleep-full nights that we are now ready to do this all over again. Ready to grow into a family of four...

Noah has a lot to say. One common phrase, 'no, baby.' We're off to a great start! Noah is a pretty get-over-it-fast guy and a real snuggler, so I'm sure he fit the big brother bill like a charm.

We are due July 31st - heard the tiny heartbeat (actually sounded like a small amry of horses running at full speed...if that is a precursor to a personality...) This is such a special time for us! Please lift our family of *four* up in your prayers that we will adapt, love and be a healthy bunch.

Hope you and your families are happy and healthy as well!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Two-ly Honest

Noah just turned the big t-w-o on January 1st. We are just back from our two-week trip to Manitoba where we spent Christmas with our family up there. It was wonderful - everyone took such good care of us and we truly appreciate it. I will post pictures-- many many wonderful snowy shots soon.

That might wait till I return from Vegas next week (work trip I leave for this weekend) and Connor returns from California (he leaves in the morning). Yes, we do not stop jetting about. We have travel in our blood! In the meantime, just a few of my favorite things about TWO...

The sheer honesty!

At 24-months, it seems that a child has not learned the fine art of manipulation. They do not yet know to lie to appease a parent or try to get their way. No savvy or cavalier is in place. It is all face value. And, many times, this pans out to be quite comical.

Mom: "What are you going to do if I give this to you?"
Noah: "Whole thing, dump."
Mom: "But that would make a big mess for mommy. Maybe I could give it to you and you could not dump it. Heh?"
Noah: "Whole thing, dump."

Mom: "Now, if I give this back to you, are you going to do it again?"
Noah: "Yes."

And, crude but true - sheer two year old honesty...
In a shopping mall - Uncle Cody is carrying Noah. Connor is walking with them.
Connor: "Noah, that was some face you just made. Did you just have a poop?"
Noah: "No. Fart."
And, he was right. (Definitely taking after his father.)