Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beausejour to Saskatchewan

We spent Canada Day and July 4th celebrating Uncle Cody's Graduation, Uncle Cole's 15th Birthday and Bayna's (Connor's Grandpa) Celebration of Life event.  This 11-day journey began in Connor's cozy hometown of Beausejour, Manitoba and ended in Saskatchewan--and ultimately dropped us into the Winnipeg airport.  Connor's family is now like my own.  I love them so much.

I wish I had gotten more pics of Wormville (Nana Betty's backyard is a small oasis of earth worms) and our Grand Beach trip.  I think the camera came out randomly.  Another random note - United did loose all of our luggage (4 bags) for the first three days of our trip.  This small setback was easily absorbed by the excitement of being up there and by the neighbors who pooled together a nice bag of clothes for the boys.  I was 'stuck' in one of my favorite brown sundresses and was given the excuse to not do laundry (or unpack!) for a few days. Who could complain?

Noah had many jobs helping Pa.  He earned money and got his very first wallet.  According to him, this was his favorite part of the trip (along with keeping Wormville  wormy and playing hockey).

Ian is all about keeping up with big bro.

Cody graduates!!

Super special for all of us.

Uncle Cody (stud of the day!) and Pa.

Me giving unsolicited advice to the seniors.

Keeping the graduates in line.

Mother and Grad dance.  This was a super special night.

Sandbox in Pa's garage.  Truly there for a pool repair job, but doubled as possibly the coolest outdoor sand park ever.

Sprinkler under trampoline - who knew how much fun this could be?

Outdoor campfire.  You cannot take a trip back to B-town without at least a few evenings around one of these.

Celebrating Uncle Cole's 15th birthday.

Remembering Bayna.  Check out the strong family resemblance.

This could be my husband.  Crazy.

The cuz's (Riley and Rowan) on shuffleboard.

Entertainment during our 6-hour roadtrip from Beausejour to Saskatchewan...

For adults as well.

Which version of the story do you like better? ;)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Hard at Work

These days and flying by the seat of our pants.  Lookin' forward to posting some pics of our trip to Manitoba soon.