Monday, February 23, 2009

Partied Out at Nana's

We spent last week in NC with 'Nannie' and Pa Akulis, Aunt Carly and Uncle Matt. Cousin Aaron, Kristen, Kim and Lindy also hung out with us quite a bit, and baby Addy.

I headed into the Cary Office Tuesday through Thursday and got lots of work done. I was also able to see Carly and Matt's new home - or a model of the one they will be building in a beautiful, brand new Chapel Hill community called Briar Chapel. Go here for a Virtual Tour.

Baby Bumps! Jackie - 17 weeks, Carly - 19 weeks

The Tower! Handiwork of Pa and Dada

HIGHLY recommend this contraption. Good friends of ours, Pete and Heather gave us this idea - it places your little helper at counter-top height and let's them splash, cook and play along side of you.

These suckers retail for $200:
So, Pa and Connor built this one for us! They did it in one afternoon! It is solid as a rock, fully sanded and stained. It's just beautiful! Noah eats all his meals here and helps prepare most of them, all in the tower. He also helps with the dishes and much more....


I was taking off in the car today and Noah hollers, "Moooommmmie! Seatbelt!!" Yes, I needed to put my seatbelt on - but when did he become knowledgeable of car safety requirements? He is learning at a FAST pace, and daily new things pop up.

* Noah can count smoothly to 14. Then, 15 - 19 is a bit choppy but well on its way.
* He knows most of his colors: blue, pink, white, black, green, yellow, red (purple & orange not so much)
* He knows many shapes including heart, moon, circle, rectangle (squares are also rectangles), and star - diamond sometimes, triangle not so much
* He is a comedic! He is cracking jokes and has us in stitches most of his waking hours.
* He loves to dance! He turns on his toy radio and goes around and around in circles clapping and stamping. True white boy at work!
* He loves monkeys. Nana and Mike sent us a Vday card with a monkey on the front. He has been carrying this card around and giving it hugs!

Look Familiar?

Exactly one year ago.

Very happy at 24 months - here are a few pics from last
month, when he turned the TWO!

No wonder the happiness...being bad is so good (we have since put up bolted shelves and re-org'ed this room entirely! Looks much bettah....from an adult's perspective)

My crooked finger (I love to use this to add emphasis to nearly everything I say).

Connor and Noah's Chocolate Masterpiece for my 29th birthday (check out the loooongness - he has since had a trim, but this boy has some long curly tendrils still)

Birthday moi-

Our Happiness Radiator -

And Mischeif Maker -