Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Boys Are Hard at Work

Eating for the first time (4.5 months)

And, laughing it right back out...
**he is cutting his first tooth - now poking through the gums; he is freely rolling belly to back and back to belly - very amused by this**

Getting clean

My Dish "washer" - funny, the sound of running water I associate with productivity - dishes getting washed, countertops getting wiped down, a stain getting scrubbed out... It is so odd to hear water running and realize--it is my 3 year old. The only thing getting accomplished is the creation of a really messy, wet kitchen. He LOVES this time though, and somehow, I think it is good for me too.

Ian and Nana laughing

Christmas in Canada, New Years at Home

Here is the Pedal Car that Grampie Akulis made for Noah (and his cousins and brother to enjoy). He made it out of PVC piping, customized just for Noah's size. It is Carolina Blue and a definite family treasure.

We spent December 19-27 up in the heartland of Canada: Manitoba. It was a wonderful time with family! We spent lots of time just talking, eating, sledding, visiting with friends and being together. It was sooooo nice.:)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

N, E, and IOU


* Large and interesting vocabulary - things are described as liquids/solids, fragile or sturdy, wonderful/terrible...on and on (he's really into opposites lately); humorous way of describing things - for example, he'll go into great detail as to what he wants and ends with 'so that's my deal. what's your deal?'
* Big negotiator
* Loves his artwork - describes what he is drawing in great detail as he creates his work.
* His dad would be disappointed if I didn't point out his budding math skills. Beginning to know that if he has four licorice pieces and someone takes one, he would be left with three.
* SO grown-up; feelings and understandings are *slowly* (and episodically) taking on new maturity (although we are still enduring the 'terrible 2's' phenomenon...which apparently carries over into the 3's)
* Loves his little bro - well, usually. Very protective over him, likes to say what you can and can't do with him. Although yesterday, when I asked if he wanted to hold E, he said, 'no, I would punch him'.


* LOVES to eat; shakes and laughs as the spoon comes near his face
* Mr. laugh-out-loud, smiley-pants
* LOVES his dad
* Very strong guy...Loves standing straight up, occasionally making it the way for a full rollover.
* Pretty mellow little dude...doesn't he have to be?

* Oh, and loves his bath...

I have many more updates to follow - Christmas in Canada - so wonderful, Noah's THIRD birthday 30th!!!

Few more of big bro...
Did I mention he likes to talk?

In his new red watch (it's usually 7:00, altho he can tell u the #'s it's pointing to...) and Olympic head gear!