Saturday, November 08, 2008

Noah on the Tube

Dancing in The Villages's Main Square, FL

Better than raking...

Other interesting news...

- The Watershed of Words event has occurred! We counted over 100 words Noah is saying now and that number grows everyday! Now, not allll of them can be understood, especially when the voice is whiny, but this is big-time in the Bates house!
- He is also pairing together two word phrases ...even if most of those go something like 'No, mine!' or 'Mama, move!'
- He is counting! Well, he can count 1-2-3....then, 9-10 (4-8 not so much yet).
- He knows three colors: pink, blue, black.
- He continues to be SUPER affectionate. He loves sitting on laps of even total strangers - especially pretty girls. Go figure. He will cuddle right up and give out hugs very generously. He knows no stranger!

Older vid's - about 19 months...Being silly

Connor: "...oh, so that's what happened to my buttons..."

Monday, November 03, 2008

So, a Monkey and a Turtle Walked into a Bar...

***Caption coined by Monkey's Mommy***

Tick or teeting was fun had by all - monkey (Luca-pop, Noah's buddy who is one week apart in age) and turtle (Noah) tore up the neighborhood! Thankfully we were able to do a quick bait and switch maneuver with the candy bags... The grown-ups had a blast too (as evidenced by photo below).

Turtles, monkeys, mommies - all had a great time!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Orange, Yellow, Red....Purple...

Fall has many colors for us this year... Noah was a hit at our recent neighborhood party. Our next door neighbors were kind enough to have several couples (and our "low-key" party of 3) over for drinks and food last weekend... Noah was kind enough to 'refresh' everyone's drinks for them.

Entertainment comes quite naturally for him...

Kisses for You

Bathtime Bliss

In case you were wondering - it is a total party every bath we take (and now, he's really into showers more than baths - he can wash himself and is quite self-entertaining)! He is a hoot to watch!

Fallen for Fall

We have thoroughly enjoyed this season! Time together in NC at the Shelby State Fair, time in Maryland leaf romping (errr, raking), firewood stacking, and taking colorful family hikes, also, time with family in Florida for Wayne's passing. I am in love with this refreshing season. It is my favorite time of the year! As much as we adored California, I always missed the Fall season (California really has two seasons - 1)Rainy and 2)Not Rainy (Utopia)). Fall is all about vivid colors, crisp air, slowed-down pace, cozy fires...Many More Fall Photos here.

Shelby State Fair - having BBQ'ed corn with Pa.

We are having a total blast riding the Choo-Choo (especially Mom)...until we have to get off the Choo-Choo and it is a big Poo-Poo so to say (will spare the photos)

New baby goat

"Helping" Nana in the kitchen.

Cord of wood ordered and dumped in driveway for cozy winter fires...

Done during naptime (now, a yearly tradition)

Building Noah's Toddler Table

Fatherhood - the real deal

Spending time with family in Florida with Wayne's passing away.

Our dancer in the Villages Square, adding hope and laughter to a hard time.