Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All Together - New Addition is a Family Affair!

I am so blessed with an incredible support system in my family! I don't know what I'd do without them. My parents have been tremendously helpful with our move! Box after box after box after box - they were tireless! We appreciate them so much! My sister Carly and her fiance Matt came up 2 weeks ago and helped us out a great deal as well - I am so thankful to be out on the East coast and closer to them, especially at such a significant time as this. Here are a few photos of the fam with Noah and one with mama and Noah :) Little guy is between 4.5 - 6 weeks old in these shots.

It is crazy busy with +child - I truly have a whole newfound appreciation for all it takes to be a parent - I feel as though I hardly have time to eat and shower...I really have to take my hat off to all parents - everywhere! I don't know what I'd do without the supportive husband and father that I have in Connor, either! He makes all the difference.

Noah photo shoot!

More Noah shots from 3-6 weeks

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Coast to Coast

So, we survived the move out to Baltimore, Maryland. Noah did fabulously on his flight - very first flight at four weeks! This kid is a natural born traveler, I'm telling ya - he slept nearly the whole flight. Not one tear! I'm sure the other passengers were just as thrilled about that as his mother! The last days in California were a little painful. Saying goodbye to our close friends was really hard - leaving Allison, who has been like a sister to me since we first locked eyes on the same gym instructor freshman year of college...Kari and Bob, Kimberlyn Thomas :) Georgia and Andrew - oh it was painful! Also painful was living without our stuff for a week - sleeping on an inflatable-deflating mattress (that was a real drag!), breastfeeding on the floor, using camping utensils...well, it was certainly an advenutre, a time we will not forget.

Now, we are snuggly settling into FREEZING COLD Maryland - culture shock for sure - ugh! It is actually dropping pellets of freezing rain from the sky now. Brrrrr! Here are some pics of our Big Move below!

We have also had the pleasure of having my parents and my sister and her fiance, Matt stay with us our first two weeks while out here - lots of good cooking, tons of help, and more sleep - that's what I'm talking about! More pics on all that soon. But, I would be amiss if I did not mention how VERY MUCH my family has done for me n how VERY MUCH they mean to me. Big time!

Oh, Btw, Happy V-Day!!

Goodbye to the Redwood Giants!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Man to Man

My two hambones! Noah is becoming more and more active - his goofy character is really starting to shine through. We love him! Below, he is about 4 weeks old, staring in the bathroom mirror with Dad - checking himself out ('Baby in the mirror' game is a hit!). He is now 6 weeks and growing so quickly! We have officially survived the move out East - we are snugly in Baltimore. Stories and pictures soon to follow! This has been a time I will never forget!