Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cape Cod Buddies

"Mer, Mer!" These were frequent words of the weekend. Mer was Noah's BUD. He followed her around and absolutely LOVED her! We headed to Cape Cod, RI, for to spend the weekend with our good friends from undergrad / pre-MP (married-people) life. This was our 4th reunion - 3rd one with kids (things - they do change). Our first reunion was up in Great Barrington, fact I was preggers at the time, just didn't know it. This past weekend, Noah kept himself permanently next to Mer - she works with young kids, aged 2-4, and it definitely shows. She has that genuine love and watchfulness that cannot be faked. Kids know! And, Noah knew - Ring around the Rosey, over and over and over - and only Mer could do it with him!

Visiting with our long-time friends is so important - this has become our annual reunion. As we begin building our families and have young children under foot, it is incredibly special and meaningful to share these times together. Unfortunately, Saturday night, the stomach bug finally caught up to Connor, who had fairly well avoided it up until then. He was up all night vomiting... Then, poor little Tommy caught it! Joe also got sick when they returned home - this has been a TERRIBLE sick season. I am happy to report that we are all doing much better now.

Here is a pic from my cell phone of the tide water movement by the Cape's Bay. I am told that the tides shift 13 feet daily. This makes for miles of wet sandy beaches--water swirling in and out of little pools and rivers, and interesting ecosystems taking root - and then getting washed away.

My sweet man - was SO sick shortly after this pic :(

Other news - N's current favorite saying: "Oh no, Noah!"
I kind of get the sense that he is making fun of me...already...

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