Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where I Belong

We visited the Outerbanks, NC (Nags Head) the first week of May with our families.

What is it about the beach?  The ocean just washes it all away.  This time, for me, especially.  Despite Strep throat, various injuries and emergent care visits and simply 3 kids under 2, 4 kids in total, it was downright Paradise for me.

I've actually given this quite a bit of thought since we've been back.  I'm not sure if it was the ocean, warm weather and beauty of Nags Head; all the extra help we received from our families; or simply being re-connected with 'my people', the tribe where I fit, the birds of a feather.  The southern kindness / Canadian go-with-the-flow spirit.  The imperfections, the problems and all.  Our relative take on "normal."  I think it's this.  It's the whole 'where I belong' feeling.  And, that's a powerful feeling.  I really miss my sister.

There was lots of [insert male symbol here] time at the beach!  Boys, boys, and more boys.  Where's the grand-daughter (...carly matt? :-)?

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