Sunday, August 29, 2010

My First Year of Life - Check!

Ian turned ONE on July 31st.  Yes, I am operating on about a four week lag.  But, the good news is that I am in operation!  We are EXTREMELY blessed over here.  Two healthy happy (generally speaking) boys full of life, new ideas, humor and love.  The brother-ship between Noah and Ian that is developing is good for a mother's heart to watch.  There are plenty of death squeeze/hugs in the mix, but the 'I love yous' and kisses are also abundant.

It is a brave day for me when I venture out with them for a fun afternoon on the town - we usually play in our fort outside and dig in the mud / crawl in the mulch.  Our days are full of life planning (Noah is going to have five babies, and when he grows up he 'just wants to be a dad', with a shrug of the shoulders; he's going to build his own house with a fireplace in every bedroom).  Ian loves to wave 'HI' to everyone that crosses his path, with a huge line of drooool danging down.  His wave is faced toward his own face and his 'hi' sort of sounds like a very loud 'HHHH' sound.  We get lots of smiles (at least that is what I am interpreting them as).

Recently, I took them to a local used bookstore, the UPS store, Starbucks (I have aVanilla Milk junkie), and then Trader Joes.  By the time I got them all wiped down and loaded up, I sat myself in my seat...and took a deep breath.  Put the car in drive - and almost ran over my two bags of groceries and gallon of milk waiting patiently for me in front of the car.

At any rate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby boy!  You are ONE!  He is my eater--has not turned down a food yet.  And, cake, fuggetaboutit!!


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