Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Wayne

Monday, October 6th - Page in Our History

Being with Wayne as he departed this earth was one of the most raw, unfiltered human experiences of my life. The room was heavy with emotion as we held his hands and face and told him how much we loved him. Mom and Grandma sang to him his favorite songs; he wept. Peace would seep in when we imagined where he would soon be.

The tears rolling down his cheeks, his glassy eyes and shaking as he absorbed our presence the last few hours - it meant more to us than to him I think. I still cannot stop my own tears from falling.

It is life's most indisputable reality, and it was right before us, with Grandpa Wayne: Leader of our family prayers, insightful date adviser, storyteller, gentle baby rocker, giver of strong hugs. He gave so much of himself to others - to those he never even knew, as a WWII D-Day Veteran. His laugh and way will be with us always.

I love you Wayne. This has been so hard.

Wayne Oscar Neff
December 7, 1916 - October 6, 2008

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amy said...

oh jack!! i'm feeling for your and thinking about you. lots and lots of love your way. amy