Saturday, September 06, 2008

Noah's Ark

A long Labor Day weekend of boys, boats, and beer. We left for Lake Wallenpaupack on Saturday, August 30 - and had a wonderful time with our friends, Brent, Joe, Amy and Tommy! Lots of boating (dueling Pachangas - Connor's 19 footer and Brent's 22 footer), beer drinking (ying-lings and IPA's), and little boys (Tommy - 15 months, Noah 20 months) running are some fun pics!

A Happy Captain!

I wonder what will happen if I flip all these switches to On?

Not much difference between these guys and the grown-up skippers...

The Dubow Crew!

Similar Expressions - Like Father Like Son

It's so hard to not be bad!!

Amy's gorgeous new camera - she is a photographer mama!

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